Another electric powered sports car is about to hit the market, this time a full carbon-fiber bodied vehicle capable of reaching speeds in excess of 120mph. The vehicle was developed in a partnership between Hybrid Technologies Inc. and Mullen Motor Company, and is expected to go on sale for $125,000. Labeled the L1X-75 GT, the car is simply a Mullen GT donor car with an electric drivetrain installed.

The gasoline version has been on sale for the past five years, and happened to be on display at a car show when it caught the eye of a Hybrid Tech rep. The Mullen GT has been rated as the 7th fastest American production car by Forbes Magazine, and its lightweight platform and full carbon-fiber body add to its performance credentials.

The electric version, though not as fast as its gasoline cousin, is still quite amazing. It takes roughly 4-6 hours to charge the batteries, which provides a range of over 100 miles. Deliveries are set to start in about eight weeks from a new 40,000-square-foot production facility built in North Carolina in the US. Hybrid Tech also builds electric conversions of Chrysler’s PT Cruiser and Crossfire as well as the Mini.