We’ve seen plenty of performance vehicles decked out with police livery and crime-fighting gear but this has got to be the first time we’ve seen a sports-ambulance. Porsche called on 15 interns to transform one its original Cayenne S SUVs into a prototype ambulance that will eventually join the ranks of health and safety vehicles in Germany. Before this, six previous Cayenne’s were donated for fire-fighting duties and a couple of 911s have been enlisted with the boys in blue.

Inside, the rear bench and passenger seat have been removed to accommodate an aluminum frame onto which a stretcher can be placed. Beside this are storage for emergency surgical equipment and a seat for a medical practitioner.

We’d definitely feel a lot better seeing a Porsche Cayenne pull up next time there’s an emergency, especially knowing there’s plenty of ground clearance should the need to jump kerbs or median strips arise.