Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has revealed that the Japanese half of the alliance is currently working on an ultra-cheap vehicle for the Indian market that will be priced as low as $3,000. Ghosn believes there is significant demand for such a vehicle in India, and that one its rivals, Tata Motors, is near to completing an ultra-cheap model of its own.

Nissan will work closely with Renault, which is rumored to be developing its own version, as well as a local Indian carmaker. "You don't want to be surprised when the $3,000 car arrives in the market," he told reporters from the Associated Press. "We are gathering a lot of information."

Such a low priced vehicle is possible in India because the nation offers low-cost manufacturing and suppliers. It would be wrong for Nissan not to compete in this segment, Ghosn explained.

Developers are currently in the feasibility stages, gathering information and determining whether it can even be done. Ghosn wasn’t willing to reveal when the car would enter production if given the green light, but given the competition we suspect it could be very soon.