Mercedes-Benz has rejected a proposal from BMW that the two luxury carmakers should work more closely in the future, as revealed by DaimlerChrysler’s head of marketing for Mercedes, Klaus Maier. Last month, BMW director Michael Ganal told reporters that BMW execs were hoping for a tie-up with Mercedes, as both labels are focused on similar objectives, that is, building highly advanced cars with impeccable quality.

Maier, who was interviewed by Handelsblatt, acknowledged that the two had worked together in the past, commenting “we cooperate naturally with BMW in a few technical areas, like development of hybrid engines.” However, the consensus in the Mercedes boardroom is that there are no plans to work together beyond the current co-development of hybrid drivetrains.

When BMW’s Ganal was questioned about what developments the two firms could undertake together, he only mentioned that there are several possibilities but wasn’t willing to give any details.