Skoda has set a goal of increasing its sales by 50% by the end of the decade, with the focus now set on expanding its foreign operations into emerging markets such as India and China. Production numbers for this year stand at 580,000 cars but is expected to be lifted to around 616,000 units according to Skoda’s CEO Detlef Wittig, who spoke with reporters from Automotive News Europe.

One plan is to introduce a new entry-level model positioned below the current Fabia range for emerging markets, while Europe will get a refreshed lineup, including the new Superb and updated Octavia.

Production in China currently stands at 30,000 cars, which should lift to 100,000 units before 2010. Beyond China, Skoda will be turning to Russia and India with €300 to €400 million planned for investment each year until the end of the decade.

Skoda is currently the Czech Republic’s largest company, and last year saw revenues top €7.1 billion with 556,347 cars being produced.