European politicians will be debating whether or not to ban high-powered sports cars from Europe as part of a goal to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. Members of the EU will meet in Brussels on Tuesday to decide the fate of performance cars in the region, however, Germany won’t be affected by any decision.

Of major concern are some of the quotes coming from politicians, such as these gems from the man who drafted the report on how to reduce vehicle greenhouse gas emissions, British Liberal Democrat Chris Davies. Selling “boys’ toys” that exceed the 130km/h speed limit was “nonsense” and “it's political and environmental lunacy. People cannot drive at these speeds legally. It is just boys’ toys.”

Under the proposals, Davies, wants to ban any car that travel 25% above the usual EU speed limit of 130km/h by 2013, with the exception of emergency vehicles.

Thankfully, a large contingent of the voters are German - 99 out of 785 in total according to the Financial Times - and the consensus there is that the proposal is ridiculous and would cut emissions by one percent at the most.