A major hurdle for hybrid technology has been the significant premium in price customers have to pay for the eco-friendly models, which is why GM is considering absorbing part of the costs in the hope that it will increase popularity of its hybrid cars. The specific models that are likely to get the discount will be GM’s full sized trucks, whose sales have deteriorated in recent times as consumers shift towards buying smaller and more efficient vehicles.

GM plans to offer at least three hybrid drivetrains on as many as a dozen different models within the next two to three years. The most expensive of these is the new Two Mode hybrid transmission, which combines two electric motors with an internal combustion engine and costs more than $10,000 to build.

Nearly all Cadillac models could feature hybrid options revealed GM product chief Bob Lutz in a recent interview with Automotive News, but added that no plans have been confirmed. Fortunately, hybrid technology won’t be limited to premium models. GM took the wraps off its new Chevrolet Malibu hybrid this weekend but has said the car will only have a 2mpg advantage over the standard version.