The first of a total of 25 Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberias have departed from Moscow on an epic journey that will take them on a 6,200km trek across the roughs of Siberia. The drivers will be crossing numerous public roads, gravel tracks, icy rivers and the Gobi desert, before finishing up at Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia on the 17th.

Porsche produced a limited run of the Cayenne S Transsyberias SUVs specifically for the challenge that come equipped with a full a roll cage, a special air intake above the engine hood, a multi-component underbody guard and an adapted version of Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control designed for extreme off-road conditions.

Some of the drivers participating include Armin Schwarz, the second most successful German rally driver after Walter Röhrl, three-time champion of the Dakar Rally and Porsche test-driver, René Metge, two-time motorcycle world rally champion, Marc Coma, and New Zealand rally legend, Rod Millen.