Toyota and Sony have announced plans to jointly develop a new one-seater vehicle, which is expected to feature many elements from the previous i-swing concept car (pictured). Seven researchers from Sony will work temporarily at one of Toyota’s robot research facilities on a project labeled by the industry giants as the next-generation "transporter.”

Sony will be injecting its knowledge of robotics that it pioneered on projects such as the Aibo and Qrio robots, and has already sold several key patents to Toyota for development of the new car, company spokesman Tomio Takizawa told Drive.

Sony has since ceased development of new robotic technology, killing its Aibo robot-dog project last year as it focused on turning around the misfortunes of its core electronics operations. Now, Toyota is picking up where Sony left off. The carmaker has already showcased a new robot-on-wheels that can drive around obstacles, converse with humans and sign its own name.

Of course, the last time we heard about a revolutionary transporter we were treated to Segway - basically a toy for rich people wanting attention. Here's hoping the world's biggest car company can create something truly compelling.