Aston Martin is on track to expand its lineup with the new Rapide sedan as well as a new flagship code-named the DBX. Following the market launch of the DBS coupe next year, management will focus on bringing the hotly anticipated Rapide four-door to showrooms. However, the car won’t arrive until developers are completely certain it’s ready, Aston CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez told Automotive News.

The car’s Chief designer Marek Reichman has revealed that it should arrive by 2010 at the latest and will cost upwards of $400,000. Aston Martin has traditionally called its four-door models ‘Lagonda,’ but Bez is adamant that the car will be called the Rapide.

As for the DBX project, Bez was unwilling to give details about the new flagship revealing only that it’ll arrive after the Rapide and will wear a more substantial price tag. The new car would be the successor to the Vanquish coupe and could even feature a mid-engine layout. Click here to read our previous post on the future Aston supercar.