The 1-series hasn’t even touched down on American shores yet, and already BMW is building new concepts and increasing the performance of the hot little ride. Mostly a Lotus-style exercise in added lightness through lighter materials, the new 1-series reminds us of the beloved 2002. From its driver-focused design and styling to the ‘tii’ name tag, this smallest BMW is the spiritual successor to the 2002’s legacy.

But it’s a high-tech successor. Things the original 2002 never even dreamed of are standard equipment on this production-based concept. Carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFP) is used extensively. Gurney flaps (think DTM cars) on the rear help to generate extra downforce. The whole body kit has been aerodynamically tuned. Even the paint job says performance: the matte-black CFP hood keeps glare out of the driver’s eyes, as does a white brow across the top of the windscreen. The BMW color theme is completed by blue accents on the smaller features.

Inside, the BMW-color theme continues, with black Alcantara dominating the surfaces - even the instrument panel - and accented with white-painted door grab handles and steering wheel spokes. Blue stitching and accents complete the black-white-blue theme. A blue seatbelt for the driver and silver for the other seats gives a unique touch that reminds everyone in the car that the experience is driver focused.

No word yet on whether this BMW-themed pocket rocket will see production, or if it does, how much it will cost, but you can be sure we’ll be keeping our eyes on it for you.