Top officials at Chrysler have acknowledged that some models will be dropped but until now there’s been no confirmation of which cars and exactly how many would disappear. Chrysler’s board are expected to decide today on dropping at least three models, with most in the industry expecting the Pacifica, PT Cruiser and Magnum to get the axe.

Over the past couple of months product planners have been conducting an extensive review of Chrysler’s vehicle lineup. Some of the issues looked at were export potential, production costs and profitability but the key component officials were looking for was sales performance.

Sales of the three suspect vehicles fared much worse than most of Chrysler’s fleet, which overall dropped 3% in September. Sales of the Pacifica have fallen by 30% over the last month, while the Magnum dropped by 32% and the PT Cruiser by 27%, according to The Detroit News.

Other vehicles on the brink of being cut include the full-size Jeep Commander SUV, whose sales were down 23% this year, as well as the Dodge Dakota and Avenger and Chrysler Sebring.