Of all the car brands Honda and Volkswagen have been picked as the labels with the best resale value, an important distinction for many new car buyers. A survey conducted by Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has found VW to be the brand with the best residual value, while Honda managed to have four vehicles topping their respective categories.

When picking the cars, KBB forecasts which vehicles are expected to retain the greatest proportion of their original value after five years using market conditions such as competition, future economic conditions and other factors, reports the Associated Press.

The study also found that America’s domestic brands have improved their standings dramatically in recent years. Their resale values are improving as they move away from low-margin rental fleets sales, which flood the market and can damage the brand’s image in the eyes of consumers.

Another major improvement was relative newcomer Scion. The budget Toyota brand managed to top two separate categories despite have a very limited product portfolio.