Kia is reportedly in talks with German car manufacturer Karmann over a deal for a new production contract, rumored to be for a new convertible. The Osnabrück-based company has worked closely with Kia in the past, having manufactured the Kia Sportage SUV during the mid 1990s and more recently developing the Ex Cee’d convertible concept (pictured) for March’s Geneva Motor Show.

A Kia spokesperson has told Automotive News Europe that the talks are ongoing but no final decision has been made. Kia hasn’t confirmed whether it will build a new convertible but if given the green light Karmann is one of the contenders for the contract.

“We don’t want to endanger the negotiations by commenting on speculation,” said a Karmann spokesperson. Union officials at Karmann said the deal being discussed would involve the manufacture of an entire car over a period of several years.