If Chrysler hopes to be around in years to come it has to evolve into a serious global player, and to do that it needs a range of new models engineered to suit global tastes. Of America’s three major carmakers, GM was first off the bat to take advantage of its global resources, calling on Holden to develop its RWD platforms, Daewoo to work on its compact cars, and Opel to engineer future mid-sizers. Ford followed suit by announcing it would develop nearly all of its future models using global design centers, streamlining the engineering and design process and utlizing just one platform for several different markets. Now it’s Chrysler’s turn, but unlike its Detroit rivals the Auburn Hills company doesn’t have the resources to re-engineer its entire lineup.

Instead, Chrysler will just focus on mid-sized cars. Speaking at Tuesday's Automotive News World Congress, CEO Bob Nardelli revealed plans to create a global development center for the new models. The team would be housed in its own facility and would be responsible for every aspect of a car's development, reports Automotive News. "We wanted to experiment with a new structure that pulled together every facet from design and marketing to engineering, including multiple dimensions within engineering including ride quality, interiors etc.," Nardelli explained. "We're trying that on a platform that brings all of the functions together as a closely linked team in a dedicated facility."

Chrysler has already launched its first global mid-sized vehicle in the form of the Dodge Journey crossover (pictured) but it seems we can expect many more models in the near future. Nardelli also revealed plans for new "centers of excellence" located around the world with sites like Mexico and China at the top of the list.