We normally wouldn’t cover cars like the Meriva on this website but Opel has an exciting design planned for the next-generation model as this latest concept sketch reveals. The new Meriva is set to be one of the sleekest and sportiest minicars on the market but its launch is still several years away. At next month’s Geneva Motor Show officials will only be rolling out a highly stylized concept version, which means the production version will likely look very different.

The upcoming concept features a full glass canopy, which swoops down towards the B-pillar and gives rear seat passengers a much more open view. Other details will be drawn from the previous GTC and Flextreme Concepts but the Meriva will still have a distinct look all of its own.

The Meriva is an important model for GM globally. The current model is sold throughout Europe and it even reaches some parts of South America where it’s sold as a Chevrolet. Sharing its underpinnings with the Corsa subcompact, the new Meriva could potentially be sold in other markets including the U.S. and South-East Asia. GM has confirmed that it will produce the next-gen Corsa model in North America so it’s possible other variants may come as well.