Although it's still in pure conceptual form, the idea is so innovative that it's worth a look. Based on the need for a vehicle that handles passengers like a sedan and yet parks like a subcompact, the City [Zen] is designed to do just that. With three modes, the [Zen] can adapt to almost any situation.

The system can change its body position according to the car's speed and situation on the road. For example, in highway mode, this gives the car a long wheelbase, focusing on aerodynamics and center of gravity. City mode, on the other hand, gives the driver a higher vantage point and shortens the wheelbase. Parking mode shrinks the vehicle to its smallest footprint by making the car's body nearly vertical. Throughout these movements, the passenger seats remain in the proper position, thanks to the all-mechanical system.

Obviously, the [Zen] is more of a conceptual design study than a real-world prototype, so production is not even contemplated. However, as electric drivetrains become more common, their non-traditional form factors will open up the possibility for cars like the [Zen]. It might still be another couple of decades before we see something like it in the flesh, but as long as people continue to need individual, convenient and on-demand transport, there will be innovations in the field.