In what could either be an inexplicable security slip or a brilliant viral marketing campaign, GM apparently left some drawings of a proposed car out on a desk in a room full of journalists. Sounds suspicious, certainly, but either way we get a sneak peek at a new car, so there's no need for complaints. The new car is shown in pictures reproduced by sketch artists, and is suspected to be either a Saab or Saturn - or both - and is being touted as a MINI fighter.

The top and rear of the car certainly show signs of the MINI's influence, although that may be an artifact of relaying the design to a sketch artist - these aren't the actual pictures seen in the GM design studio. Nevertheless, the similarity exists, although up front the car is more Honda Fit or Nissan Versa, but with a decidedly Saab-like bent. The aggressive intake area seems to be covered in mesh - a feature normally reserved for high-performance variants, and therefore likely only a design cue.

Enormous wheels fill up arched and flared wheel-wells, and a side-sill kit ties the front fascia in with the profile of the vehicle. Side mirrors are thin, angular and bifurcated, while the side windows are relatively short. The highly raked windshield and hood indicate the GM MINI-fighter should get good fuel efficiency - an essential element for anything designed to go up against BMW's sporty little hatch.

Design objectives should place the price of the new car in the $20,000 price range. There's a possibility it could be built on a rear-drive platform such as GM's Kappa or upcoming Alpha, but that wouldn't be in keeping with a high-efficiency econocar designed to compete with the MINI.

Via: MotorTrend