Already a fully-capable road and track machine, the BMW M3 Coupe isn't precisely in need of tuning - or so you'd think. Once Hartge got its hands on it, however, it decided the new car could use some massaging, and has done its best to preserve what's great about the M3 Coupe while adding its own touches - and some serious performance.

Since Hartge's BMW M3 Coupe tuning works offers a program, as opposed to a single package, there are some options in how the car can be configured. To start, two different ECU modifications are available. One offers a raised speed limit of 291km/h (180mph), while the more insane can choose a top speed not limited by the electronics, but by drag or gearing. While the first ECU simply comes with an advisement that the owner pay close attention to the speed rating of the tires fitted, the second, faster ECU comes with a set of Pirelli P ZERO tires which feature a maximum rated speed of 340km/h (210.8mph).

Other modifications include a custom boot lip spoiler, carbon fiber accents and custom Hartge emblems. Inside a custom Hartge three-spoke leather steering wheel with carbon inserts is among the five optional steering wheels. A set of aluminum pedals, an aluminum shift knob, a leather and aluminum handbrake handle and custom mats complete the interior. Optional extras include a zebrano wooden shift knob, illuminated aluminum shift knobs or Hartge-logo steering wheel emblem.

To finish the program, Hartge offers the choice of two wheel and tire combos, both featuring 20" diameters and 9" width up front with 10" wide wheels in the back. Fronts are wrapped in 245/30s up front, while the rears can be equipped with either 285/25 or 295/25 rubber.

The total price of the tuning package - which is sold by the piece - can total as much as 6,000 Euros. But at 200+mph, that's likely to seem pretty reasonable.