Nissan is getting ready to release its first electric vehicle for the U.S. and Japanese markets in 2010, and to help butter up potential customers the automaker has provided us with some details on its new electric vehicle platform. Additionally, Nissan has developed a new for the upcoming electric vehicle that will show off the new model in all its glory on August 2nd when it goes live.

The creation of a new electric vehicle platform will allow Nissan to develop future models on the same basic design, and help create electric vehicles to match certain market segments. The new dedicated electric vehicle platform consists of an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery and, from the preview seen on the microsite, it appears as though Nissan's designers have taken full advantage of the different styling possibilities afforded by electric vehicle platforms and developed a uniquely 'electric-looking' vehicle for its first offering.

The motor powering the platform is a 109hp (80kW) unit, but with torque figures of 206lb-ft (280Nm) the car should be no slouch off the line. The 24kWh battery powering the motor is placed under the vehicle's floor, and a new regenerative braking system helps to keep it charged when braking and slowing down.

Along with showing off its new EV platform, Nissan also gave us a sneak peek at its new EV-IT support system, which it claims will give EV drivers round-the-clock support by connecting to their vehicle through an on-board transmission unit. The EV-IT system will have a 'maximum range' display so drivers can see exactly how far the juice in the battery will take them, as well as a navigation system that can point drivers to the nearest charging stations within the current driving range. There will also be a tool to help control electric functions in the car such as air-conditioning or battery charging.

Additionally, this system will also be able to act as a remote control and monitoring device for drivers when they are away from the vehicle - according to Nissan, drivers can check how charged their EV is via a website or mobile phone, and users will be able to control a number of functions from their computers such as air-conditioning timers.

Meanwhile, the sneak peek of the production EV will be fully unveiled at Nissan's new global headquarters opening in Yokohama on August 2nd. Currently, only the front of the car can be seen on the new microsite (, and so far it appears the snub-nosed production model will feature a central charging socket on the bonnet.