Honda wants to reassert itself as a technology leader and a green company by launching several different hybrid models over the next couple of years and setting itself a goal of selling 400,000 hybrids per year in five years’ time. This would be quite an achievement for Honda, which sold just 55,300 hybrids globally last year.

Part of the problem is Honda’s limited hybrid range, which currently only includes a Civic Hybrid. To address this problem, officials will launch three new hybrid cars including a sports model as well as a budget family car. Rounding out the trio of new hybrids will be the next generation Civic Hybrid, Honda Chief Takeo Fukui told Automotive News.

Honda has a couple of things working in its favor. One is a movement towards greener vehicles, especially in Europe, where Honda will heavily promote its new sports model based on the CR-Z concept. The other factor is the effect rising fuel prices will have on demand for hybrid cars.

Toyota is still the hybrid leader, with no less than eight petrol-electric models in its current lineup and sales of hybrids topping 429,000 units last year.

Honda CR-Z Concept