Suzuki has released an official teaser for its new Kizashi 3 concept sedan, which will be unveiled in a couple of weeks at the New York Auto Show. The Kizashi concept vehicles represent Suzuki’s first attempt at developing a model that could be sold in the middle class segment and the popularity of the original Kizashi and Kizashi 2 concepts displayed last year quickly prompted officials to green light production plans.

The first two concepts were powered by efficient four-cylinder turbodiesel and petrol V6 engines but the third variant is expected to sport an all-new V8 powerplant. The styling of the Kizashi 3 will be the closest of the three concepts to the final production model, which is shaping up to be a new midsized sports sedan.

Hyundai has proven that a budget carmaker can develop and market a V8 saloon and now it seems Suzuki is set to do the same. Unlike Hyundai’s RWD Genesis, the Suzuki is expected to feature an AWD powertrain and could also offer a hybrid option.

Suzuki Kizashi Concept

Hyundai Genesis