This odd-looking roadster is the new G1 three-wheeler from Southern California’s Sub Vehicles, a small start-up consisting of three individuals with a passion for high speed driving at low cost. The new G1 is the first vehicle to be spawned from the new company but it’s based on an existing design from one of the founders, Niki Smart, who displayed the original concept at London’s Millennium Dome through all of last year.

The original concept was called the ‘One-Up’ but unlike the latest design it was a simple model that couldn’t be driven. The latest G1 model is designed with production in mind and has been developed for both track and road use.

The G1 is powered by a 1.0L Suzuki V-twin motor with a peak output of 135hp (99kW) and 105Nm of torque. Drive is sent to a single rear wheel via a six-speed sequential gearbox with no reverse gear. The car features aluminum brake pedals and 12in single cross drilled discs stopped by twin-piston callipers. These reside within 18in wheels measuring 200mm up back and 180mm in the front.

The chassis is a tubular design with aluminum and composite bulkheads and a double unequal length wishbone suspension set-up.