From the same designer that brought us the edgy Ferrari F250 design study comes the new Fireblade GT coupe. Featuring a new front engine rear wheel drive setup, designer Idries Noah used cars like the Corvette Stingray, Gillet Vertigo and Shelby Daytona for inspiration for his latest work.

Noah wanted the car to be a “brute” with classic muscle car cues but a totally modern look and it looks like he achieved just that with the new Fireblade concept. Powering the new car is a proposed 6.1L supercharged V8, which owners would be able to show off thanks to a clear glass panel sitting center on the bonnet.

Sadly there are no production plans for the new Fireblade but at least there are a number of pretty pics for it.

Project Fireblade design study

Ferrari F250 design study