Despite being considered by many as possibly the greatest supercar of all the time, the F40, Ferrari’s last car signed off by company founder Enzo Ferrari, fails to attract the multimillion-dollar bids at auction typical of other rare Ferraris. That may soon change, however, as values of F40s have skyrocketed in recent times.

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This 1992 F40 has just sold at auction house Coys’ recent event held at the Nürburgring for an impressive €1.12 million (approximately $1.23 million). According to Coys, this is the highest price paid for an F40 at auction, though there are rumors previous examples of the F40 have been exchanged for close to $1.6 million. Incredibly, it wasn’t that long ago that you could find an F40 on eBay Motors with a “Buy It Now” price of less than $600k.

The latest F40 to cross the block was one of the last privately owned, single owner examples in the world. It’s been in the hands of an Italian family since it rolled off the line back in 1992, and now it’s been bought by an unnamed buyer from Germany.

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First introduced in 1987 to honor Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, the mid-engined F40 is considered one of the company’s ‘Special Series’ models and sits in the series between the 288 GTO and F50. The car was built for only a few years and during its heyday was the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive road car from Ferrari. A total 1,315 examples were built and most are believed to be still in existence.

Other notable results at the Coys’ auction included a 1937 BMW 328 Roadster, which was sold for €562,000 ($616,250), a 2000 Ford GT that went for €227,000 ($248,915), and another record price of €145,000 for a 1971 Lamborghini Espada ($158,990).


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