German autobahns are famed for their lack of speed limits and ability to get you from one side of the country to the other in incredibly quick times, but now the German city-state of Bremen is imposing a general speed limit on its stretch of the autobahn and will be limiting drivers to just 120km/h (75mph) as of tomorrow.

Speaking with the Associated Press, state environment minister Rainer Loske explained that the changes were taking place for environmental reasons - namely to curb emissions from people driving uneconomically fast.

This is the first time a German city-state has imposed a general speed limit on the autobahn, although there are often speed limits in place during road work or in congested areas. The news comes as a direct contradiction to the German Chancellor's claims several months ago that Germany would not gain any autobahn speed limits under her government.

The city of Bremen is run by a centre-left government of Democrats and Greens, and as we previously reported, an autobahn limit would immediately cut emissions by 5% and up to 15% in the long term.

The good news for German drivers, though, is that Bremen's stretch of autobahn is just 60km long - meaning you should be out of there in around half an hour.