Anyone that has been caught by a speed-camera knows the angst felt at the thought of paying a fine and losing points on your license (depending where you're from), but the sad fact is that most of us just take it on the chin and move on. But one man, a Brit by the name of Simon Grills, has fought the system and come out on top. His case now leaves the floodgates for victims of ‘Britain's most profitable speed camera’ to contest their fines and points back as well.

The case involved a speed camera posted at a point on the M11 motorway where the speed limit drops from 70mph to 50mph. Grills won his case by demonstrating that the lights in the speed signs were not working, and in fact have not been working since November, 2005. The Crown dropped its case against Simon two days before it was to be argued in court - but stunningly the speed camera is still operating with the faulty lights, reports The Mirror.

The camera catches about 500 motorists every single day and fines them £60 ($120) each - and since November of 2005, over 200,000 motorists have been caught. But not all of them will be able to make a claim for the return of their money and points as it seems likely that those caught speeding during the daytime will not have much a case. Nevertheless, a conservative estimate puts the possible government expense at close to £13 million ($26 million).