BMW has made its navigation system faster, more convenient and easier to use with the introduction of the new ‘MyInfo’ address input service. The new addition to the BMW Assist Safety Plan allows subscribers to send business locations and street addresses as well as their associated phone numbers found online using Google Maps directly to their cars. They can then immediately start route guidance by a simple push of a button.

To use MyInfo, owners simply search online for a business or street address on Google Maps and then click the ‘Send’ button and choose a car. Once inside their car, the driver only has to push the MyInfo button within the BMW Assist menu and the desired destination and associated phone number will automatically load.

It essentially means drivers will no longer have to write down or print address information and manually enter them into the navigation system. It also allows up to ten different destinations to be added.

The service has already been launched in Europe and Canada and is now available on all 2009 model-year BMW Assist-equipped X5, X6, 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 Series vehicles.