Nissan has finally revealed its new GT-R SpecV. Click here for all the images and details.

Just when you thought there was nothing more to see or read about Nissan’s GT-R super-coupe, a brand new prototype turns up at the Nurburgring and allegedly scorches the time set by previous test-mules. The new car is a prototype for the upcoming Spec-V version of the new R35 GTR and according to initial reports it will lap the 20+km track in just 7m 25s.

This latest video shows the car as it undergoes testing and reveals a number of important clues about the new model. The key difference between this latest prototype and the stock GT-R is the new front bumper with additional cooling intakes in the integrated lip spoiler. Other changes include racing-style alloy wheels and new brake calipers – possibly with new carbon-ceramic discs.

Previous generations of the Skyline GT-R, including the R32 up until the R34, included high-performance models dubbed V-spec previously. The cars featured improved brake packages, lowered suspension, and plenty of carbon-fiber and aluminum, and the latest generation is expected to be no different. Already there are rumors the car will develop up to 550hp and could weigh 250kg less than the portly standard mdoel.

Late last year Nissan insiders revealed a lighter and more powerful Spec-V model would arrive by 2009 and this video gives us a taste of what this car is capable of doing.

Nissan R35 GT-R