In celebration of Carroll Shelby’s 85th birthday, Shelby Distribution USA under license from Shelby, will build a limited run of replicas of the original 1966 Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] GT40 race car.

The original cars are credited with wins in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, where they took the top three spots as well as a string of other victories.

The latest replica from Shelby Distribution USA is only a rolling chassis but they come complete with full licensing and registration certificates from Shelby. The GT40's chassis is a near-exact replication of the original race car's monocoque unibody structure down to the pressed steel roof, the only departure being the use of electro-galvanized sheet steel in the construction.

Under the pretty body sits an original style fully independent suspension system utilizing an unequal length A-arm design. The coilover system utilizes H&R springs and Bilstein shocks that are fully adjustable as well as the front and rear anti-roll bars. Ride height can be changed from 4.125 to 4.75 inches.

Braking performance is achieved through vented Wilwood super light brakes. Both front and rear brakes feature 12.75in discs and four-piston calipers.

The cars will be built in a limited run of 85 cars for each color of the original trio of race cars, including the P/1015 in Arcadian Blue with white stripes, the P/1046 in black with solid silver stripes, and the P/1047 in red with white stripes.

Unique features of the cars include a custom dash plaque, Carroll Shelby engraved door handles, Carroll Shelby etched head light covers, racing number decals, leather seats, diffusers front and back, Carroll Shelby signature floor and sill mats, and an 85th Commemorative hood badge. The cars are also available in both left and right-hand drive.


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