The FIA has defended its plans to resurrect Formula 2 next year as an ultra low-cost feeder category for formula one. Dismissed by some as a ploy amid Max Mosley's power struggle with Bernie Ecclestone, others - including one unnamed GP2 team boss - slammed the stated ideal budget of 200,000 euros per car per season as "bullsh*t".

"Even if everyone worked for free and we set ourselves up as a registered charity, the team's travel expenses alone would be more than 200,000 euros," he said.

But in a press release to announce the launch of the tender process, the Paris based federation explained that the 200,000 euros figure is only a guide for interested bidders.

"No minimum or maximum price is indicated in this tender," an excerpt of the FIA statement reads.

The FIA also said Formula 2 will be a ten-round annual championship in Europe between April and September, with events taking place on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be six days of official testing per season, the statement added

The FIA is currently inviting tenders for the new series, which would presumably be run in competition to the Bernie Ecclestone-organized GP2 category.

"Formula Two would be launched in 2009 and used as an inexpensive platform to develop emerging driver talent for Formula one," the FIA issued statement said.

F2 became Formula 3000 in 1985, and finally GP2 in 2005. (GMM)