It was reported back in February that Chrysler and Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) were in negotiations over a number of deals including one that could have seen Chrysler sell its Jeep brand to the Indian truck manufacturer. Latest reports indicate that the two are now embroiled over a case of copied designs, with Chrysler accusing M&M of ‘borrowing’ its vertical slit front grille design for the Scorpio SUV (pictured).

While no legal action has been taken yet, the two companies have been discussing the issue for more than a month and both appear to be holding their ground. Speaking with the Economic Times, an M&M source confirmed that the talks had taken place and that both companies are looking to address each other’s concerns.

This isn’t the first time that such an issue has come up between the two. In June, Chrysler accused M&M of using its ‘Jeep’ title for a vehicle sold in South Africa and the case is now being heard by the country’s Advertising Standards Authority.

M&M has been in the international spotlight of late, with the company reportedly in talks with a host of companies including Fiat, Land Rover and General Motors. The Indian firm is also thought to be one of the key bidders for Hummer but there’s yet to be any official word.