There are far more small custom sports car manufacturers out there than most people realize. Touring the Woodward Cruise this year, the Heldo sports car from Advanced Automotive has drawn a lot of attention as an example of some of the unique and occasionally bizarre results of those companies' machinations.

The spacecraft-sinister design aesthetic and odd choice of mechanical underpinnings make for a truly unique package, though whether that's a good thing is up for debate. Powered by a transverse-mounted 350hp (261kW) 32-valve Northstar V8, the Heldo can dart to 60mph (96km/h) in 4.1 seconds and complete the quarter-mile in 12.2 seconds. Mechanical grip is high, pulling at least 1g on the skidpad.

A steel-tube space frame and composite body make up the car's structure, and together with what appears to be a fairly small overall package, the car should weigh something under 3,000lbs (1,360kg). The performance numbers tend to support that supposition as well, though the company hasn't revealed much more about the car.

Race-style seats with harnesses, a tall centrally-mounted tachometer, very closely-spaced pedals, Momo steering wheel and an otherwise spartan cockpit combine to give a the car a distinct race-oriented flavor. No word yet on pricing or production, as the Heldo is at this point only a concept.