Citroën has partnered with automotive fashion magazine Intersection to create a special, one-off concept car based on the C6 sedan.

The concept is set to appear at a number of fashion and entertainment events over the next couple of months. Dubbed the C6 Office, it's been designed to suit people who need access to their work wherever they are.

Beyond its sinister all-black interior, the C6 Office features a multi-faceted mobile office with a host of functions to keep its occupants busy. In keeping with its luxury-mobile theme, the concept is also decked out with a range of designer brand items. The list of items include a Kenwood stereo, Blackberry connectivity features, Krug champagne flutes and an assortment of catering equipment from Fauchon.

The silver elements in the car are from Christofle, and watchmaker Navitec has also lent a hand to give the interior of the C6 Office a high quality look and feel. Most of the cabin’s surfaces are finished in Alcantara and leather trim.

Sadly, there are no plans for production.


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