General Motors Company's [NYSE:GM] truck-focused brand, GMC, has been hit hard by changing consumer preferences, which has led to several reports that certain scheduled GMC products could be scrapped altogether. While GM continues to deny the rumors, the most likely candidates on the chopping block include the Acadia, the Envoy mid-sized SUV, and the Canyon.

The Acadia, if not eliminated from the lineup in favor of the Buick Enclave, will get a refresh in 2010 with an optional V8 engine. If the Acadia succeeds then one of the Yukon variants may be dropped in an attempt to consolidate the lineup, although there has also been talk of a new Yukon to be built on GM's front-wheel-drive Lambda platform - shared by the Acadia.

While the Savana will remain unchanged, a new Sierra hybrid is expected to go on sale early next year and GM is banking on the Two Mode hybrid to stimulate poor sales in the large pickup category, reports Automotive News. Meanwhile, the Sierra's smaller sibling, the GMC Canyon is expected to be redesigned in 2011 or 2012, although the Canyon's poor sales could spell the end for the small-pickup.

The Envoy mid-sized SUV is expected to end production soon, with its production plant scheduled to stop production by 2010 or sooner.


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