• ZF heated seat belt

    Applying heat directly to the body through heated seat belts could increase electric car range by up to 15% in cold weather, ZF claims.

  • ZF self-driving car prototype
    CEO of major German supplier ZF doesn't expect self-driving taxis before 2030

    ZF's CEO sees the first self-driving services to go mainstream involving short closed circuit trips.

  • ZF external airbag system
    New external airbags better protect against side-impact crashes

    A new external airbag system developed by German supplier ZF could reduce the injury severity in often deadly side-impact crashes by up to 40 percent.

  • ZF self-driving car prototype
    ZF, Hella team up for self-driving car tech

    Combining their understanding of cameras and radar, German automotive suppliers Hella and ZF have entered into a strategic partnership that they say will pave the way forward for their efforts in teh field of self-driving cars. The two firms made their announcement Tuesday at a joint press...

  • ZF's GenShock energy-recovering suspension technology
    ZF Reveals GenShock Active Energy Recovering Suspension Tech

    Doing more with what you have is one of the cornerstones of increasing efficiency, and a new suspension technology from ZF will take that mantra to the next level. Cars are inherently pretty energy-inefficient. Engines do better job of turning the energy in fossil fuels into noise and heat than...

  • Land Rover Range Rover Evoque fitted with ZF 9HP nine-speed automatic transmission
    Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque Adopts ZF Nine-Speed Auto

    Land Rover’s stylish Range Rover Evoque will be one of the first models available with ZF’s new nine-speed automatic transmission designed for transverse applications, i.e. cars based on front-wheel-drive architectures. The nine-speed-equipped Range Rover Evoque will be on display next...

  • ZF dual-pinion electric power steering

    Get into any new car—okay, well maybe not a Smart Fortwo—and you’ll find power steering. Power steering systems have, for the most part, become so good, so transparent in a way, that we tend to forget that they exist. Yet we should keep in mind that for the typical driver, to muscle a 4,000-pound sedan or 5,000-pound utility vehicle along city streets or tight canyon roads—with latte in hand—would be unthinkable, dangerous, and downright impossible. What’s largely been replacing them over the past decade—electric power steering systems...

  • ZF 8-speed automatic transmission
    ZF CEO Says Nine Speeds Are The 'Natural Limit'

    For decades, automatic transmissions had three or four speeds, which were deemed sufficient to provide reasonable acceleration and fuel economy. Then came the five speed automatic, which was standard issue on most cars until just a few years back. Then, the race for more gears in the transmission...

  • 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Jeep Grand Cherokee Next In Line To Receive ZF 8-Speed Auto

    Coming as no surprise, Jeep’s Grand Cherokee SUV is reportedly next in line to receive the smooth shifting--and fuel saving--ZF eight-speed automatic transmission filtering its way across Chrysler’s lineup. Already finding a home in the Chrysler 300, as well as some Audi and BMW models...

  • 2011 Saab PhoeniX Concept
    Saab And ZF Establish New Plant For ‘Phoenix’ Platform Sub-Assemblies In Sweden

    It appears Saab is relatively safe from going bankrupt in the immediate future, with the automaker announcing today the establishment of a new sub-assembly plant less than two miles from its main car plant in Trollhattan, Sweden. The plant is being established in partnership with automotive parts...

  • ZF's front-drive 9-speed transmission
    ZF Announces 9-Speed Automatic, We Ask When The Madness Stops

    How many gears does your car have? Have you ever felt it had too few? Well, say hello to the Matt LeBlanc of transmissions, the ZF nine-speed automatic. Feeling inadequate? You should, according to ZF. "Similar to ZF's eight-speed automatic transmission used in rear-drive platforms, the new 9-speed...

  • 2011 Range Rover
    2011 Range Rover Preview

    Despite undergoing a major facelift only last year, which saw the addition of a range of new engines and standard features, Land Rover’s latest 2011 Range Rover SUV has been updated again and the changes to the luxurious off-roader appear just as significant. The 2011 Range Rover is further...

  • 2009 Audi Q5

    For most brands, eight-speed automatic transmissions are still only the stuff of high-end flagships but for Audi, at least, most of the models in its lineup will feature the advanced units. Already confirmed for the new 2011 Audi A8 and updated Q7, by this fall the automaker will announce that its eight-speed automatic transmission will also feature in the more affordable A4, A5 and Q5 models. The information was revealed in dealer order guides released for the 2011 model year, which were obtained by the guys at Autoblog. Eventually, Audi hopes to have nearly 70 percent of its U.S. lineup...

  • ZF carbon-fiber MacPherson strut
    ZF Unveils Carbon-Fiber MacPherson Suspension Strut

    Carbon-fiber is seen by many in the auto industry as one of the most effective ways of reducing vehicle weight and improving fuel economy and emissions levels, but the relative expense of the material means that it’s still reserved for only a handful of high-end production cars. BMW has...

  • ZF 8-speed automatic transmission
    Report: Audi Considering 8-Speed Automatic For Most Models

    Audi’s top-of-the-line 2011 A8 has been fitted with ZF’s whiz-bang eight-speed automatic transmission, catching up to rivals like BMW that has already installed the advanced transmission in several of its models. Audi is yet to confirm the news but reports claim that following the new...

  • ZF develops new 8-speed auto
    ZF Develops New 8-Speed Auto

    Gearbox manufacturer ZF unveiled its latest eight-speed automatic gearbox at the recent Vienna Motor Symposium, a design that promises to reduce fuel consumption and at the same time transmit more power to the wheels than its current six-speed boxes. With the extra cogs on board, the new gearbox...

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