Volkswagen Golf24

  • Volswagen Golf24 race car

    The pint-sized terror that is the Volkswagen Golf24 endurance race car hits the track and wails, over the top of an operatic soundtrack, in this brief video. We want more. At 440 horsepower, with all-wheel drive, and enough fins to give a shark a heart attack, the Golf24 is mean on paper and in looks. We think it's going to be pretty mean on track, too. We'll get to find out for sure the 23-26 of June, when the lava-hot hatch hits the track in anger at the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.

  • Volswagen Golf24 race car
    Volkswagen Golf24: 440-HP AWD Nurburgring Endurance Racer

    The Volkswagen Golf isn't exactly the first car that comes to mind when you dip into the VW Group's stable of cars looking for something to take racing, but it turns out it's not a bad choice at all, if these images and specs are any indication. Based on the Golf but packing 440 horsepower, a...

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