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Via Motors

  • Via Motors' X-Truck

    Electricity may not be the fuel of choice for the average pickup buyer, but that isn't putting VIA Motors off. The Bob Lutz-backed company has just started production at its assembly plant in Mexico, building range-extended electric trucks that major on performance as well as saving gas. When it's up and running--and if people buy VIA's trucks--the Mexican plant has capacity for up to 10,000 vehicles per year. That's a lofty target for a startup automaker, particularly one competing in such a cut-throat segment, but truck owners could find plenty to like about the company's vehicles. Power...

  • Via Motors XTRUX 800-hp electric pickup live photos, 2013 Detroit Auto Show
    Via Motors Shows Its 800 Horsepower, 100 MPGe XTRUX Pickup: Live Photos

    When it comes to range-extended electric vehicles, the concept of delivering fuel economy up to 100 miles per gallon equivalent isn’t all that foreign; after all, the 2013 Chevrolet Volt delivers 98 MPGe. What the Volt and other range-extended electric vehicles fail to deliver is 800-plus...

  • Bob Lutz at Via Motors extended-range electric truck conversion launch, 2012 Detroit Auto Show
    Via Motors To Present 800-HP Extended-Range Electric Pickup, Luxury SUV In Detroit

    Most readers will recognize the names Fisker and Tesla as being two leading electric car startups, but there’s a third that will soon be making headlines, and it’s got one very famous auto industry personality as its chairman. The company we’re talking about is Via Motors, which...

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