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    The unthinkable can happen all too easily. In the large vehicles that many of us drive, a significant blind spot to the rear below the window line can hide children playing behind your vehicle, and the consequences can be tragic. As a result of as many as two children a week killed in back-over accidents across the U.S, rear-view cameras will become mandatory in all cars from 2014. Some makers already offer the cameras as options on their vehicles, but most people think of them as parking aids rather than safety measures. For anyone with children, the cameras should be a very important...

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    Better Quality From 'High Dynamic Range' In Car Cameras

    In-car cameras have a variety of uses and not all are just 'Big Brother' style surveillance. We've recently looked at equipping new drivers' cars with 'nanny cams' so parents can make sure their teenage son or daughter is driving responsibly and safely, and they're also popular in a world of ever...

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