In-car cameras have a variety of uses and not all are just 'Big Brother' style surveillance. We've recently looked at equipping new drivers' cars with 'nanny cams' so parents can make sure their teenage son or daughter is driving responsibly and safely, and they're also popular in a world of ever increasing legal battles following road accidents. If your car is equipped with a camera, it's much easier to establish fault.

Other uses include driving school recording, automotive testing and as an in-car security camera should someone from the shadier reaches of society ever break in to your car. Now, using HDR or High Dynamic Range technology, the latest in-car cameras will give clearer pictures than ever before even under extreme lighting conditions.

The HDR technology allows the camera to pick up detail even in the very darkest or lightest of images, conditions which can often obscure certain elements of the footage. Examples include direct sunlight or headlights, or driving from bright sunlight into a dark tunnel.

The new technology, known as iCAM Drive, is being developed by Invisual E. Inc. It includes several different settings to best suit the user's needs. The camera can be run continuously or set to trigger via a signal, record images and video and record to a ring buffer or a PC system. A mounting system allows the camera to be used externally, too.

We can see this technology proving useful in all the aforementioned situations, as well as for reversing cameras or in future door-mounted applications, replacing door mirrors.

Of course, 'big brother' will also find uses, so remember to behave yourself in public...

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Better Quality From 'High Dynamic Range' In Car Cameras