• Volvo in-car camera monitors

    Volvo is prepared to install optional in-car cameras to track drivers come 2020. The brand told Car in a Monday report that the cameras will open up a host of new technology benefits, though it recognizes consumer fears over privacy. Atif Rafiq, Volvo’s chief digital officer, said Volvo will not push the technology on car buyers and proclaimed the in-car cameras will be optional equipment starting in 2020. He noted cameras and monitoring equipment are "very advanced these days." He said the technology can monitor biometrics. For instance, it has the capability to monitor glucose levels...

  • 2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Sport
    Cadillac to offer first factory dash cam

    Dash cameras have quickly become a more-popular aftermarket purchase for many drivers, but Cadillac has made its first move to integrate the technology from the factory. With the reveal of the 2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Sport on Wednesday, the luxury brand announced the Surround Vision Recorder as an...

  • Ethernet cable. Image: Wikipedia user David Monniaux
    Ethernet May Reduce Cost, Improve Vehicle Communication Tech

    If ethernet brings up images of 1990s technology and its use in cars suggests a spaghetti of cables like your office, then think again. Freescale Semiconductor is one of several companies now exploring ethernet technology in an automotive communications and networking environment, and it could...

  • OnStar Family Link
    Don't Trust Your Teen? Track Them With GM OnStar Family Link

    If you're trusting your teenage son or daughter with the car for the night it's nice to know that their journey has gone safely - or that they're actually going where they said they would. For that extra piece of mind GM is testing a new OnStar service called 'Family Link' that allows subscribers...

  • Volvo Safety Concept Car
    Volvo Safety Concept Car: 10 Years Of Car Safety Technology

    Believe it or not, the 2012 Volvo C30 hatchback is essentially a 10 year old design. Several years before the C30 hit the streets, Volvo revealed a striking concept called the Safety Concept Car (SCC) to the motoring press in 2001, previewing several new technologies that would eventually be seen...

  • Red light camera in Beaverton, Oregon, from Wikipedia
    IIHS Study Shows Drivers In Favor Of Red-Light Cameras

    Despite plenty of evidence of backlash, a new study shows that drivers in 14 metro areas are in favor of red-light cameras.

  • 2010mustang_rearviewcamera.jpg

    The unthinkable can happen all too easily. In the large vehicles that many of us drive, a significant blind spot to the rear below the window line can hide children playing behind your vehicle, and the consequences can be tragic. As a result of as many as two children a week killed in back-over accidents across the U.S, rear-view cameras will become mandatory in all cars from 2014. Some makers already offer the cameras as options on their vehicles, but most people think of them as parking aids rather than safety measures. For anyone with children, the cameras should be a very important...

  • Traffic enforcement camera
    Washington Business Owner Challenges Speeding Tickets, Wins

    It's an awful feeling: That moment you open a letter to find an image of your car inside and a citation for speeding. Many would grit their teeth and pay up - do the crime, pay the time, as they say. Not for Will Foreman. The Washington businessman has beaten the charges on five occasions so far...

  • HDR camera
    Better Quality From 'High Dynamic Range' In Car Cameras

    In-car cameras have a variety of uses and not all are just 'Big Brother' style surveillance. We've recently looked at equipping new drivers' cars with 'nanny cams' so parents can make sure their teenage son or daughter is driving responsibly and safely, and they're also popular in a world of ever...

  • Hot Wheels Video Racer
    Now You Can Video That Awesome Stunt: Hot Wheels Video Racer

    It's either the CIA's next technique for keeping track of kindergarten violence or the best thing to hit die-cast cars since working steering. What are we talking about? Mattel's Video Racer cars. The latest generation of the world-famous Hot Wheels series will let kids everywhere see a previously...

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