Drivers with Android-compatible smartphones can now download the American Automobile Association's free roadside assistance application allowing you to report a breakdown without even needing to make a phone call.

Stranded motorists can now use their Android smartphone's GPS signal to transmit a call for help to the AAA's call center who can then dispatch a truck to your vehicle.

Not only that, but if you suspect a battery problem you can use the handy Battery Quote Calculator on the app to let you know how much a new unit will set you back - just enter your year, make and model and the app does the rest. If your car has been rendered immobile and it's not fixable at the roadside, the app can provide you with the locations of the AAA's closest Approved Auto Repair facilities. With 7,700 around the country, you'd have to be trying pretty hard to break down far away from one...

iPhone users have been benefitting from the service for a few years now and the AAA reports over half a million downloads from their 52 million members. Opening up the app to Android phones should result in even more users able to make the best of a bad situation.

It's not often you get something for nothing these days, so if you're an AAA member, why not try it?