Roadside Assistance

  • Flat tire, by Flickr user Lissalou66

    If you don’t believe in things like karma or divine intervention, ponder the following story. It starts when Victor Giesbrecht stopped by the side of the road to help a stranded motorist change a flat tire. The car with the flat tire was driven by Sara Berg, who was traveling on I-94 some 70 miles east of Minneapolis when she heard the tell-tale thump-thump-thump of a tire that’s lost air pressure. Berg was traveling with her cousin, and neither woman knew how to change a flat tire by the roadside. Enter Giesbrecht, who was driving the same piece of interstate with his wife...

  • Volvo On Call app for iPhone
    Volvo Launches Beefed-Up 'Volvo On Call' App For iPhone, Android In Europe

    Volvo was one of several auto brands cast off from its parent company during the recent recession. The majority of those marques were shuttered (e.g. HUMMER, Pontiac, Saturn), and one -- Saab -- is struggling to keep the doors open. Volvo, however, has managed to stay the course, and a new app...

  • Audi logo
    Audi Launches Roadside Assistance App For Smartphone Users

    Just a few weeks ago Infiniti launched a new roadside assistance app for users of the Apple iPhone, and before that we saw MINI launch its own version, while Mercedes-Benz has had its mbrace assistance feature for what seems like forever. Now Audi is joining the fray with its own free roadside...

  • BMW i App
    Planning A Road Trip? Make It 'Appen With These Mobile Apps

    In the good old days all you needed for a road trip was a car, some buddies, and a sense of adventure. Even a map was optional. These days you can have it so much easier with the latest downloadable apps at your fingertips telling you everything from where to sleep to providing your tunes. Here is...

  • Infiniti's free roadside assistance app
    Infiniti Launches Free Roadside Assistance App

    If you own a new or certified pre-owned Infiniti, the automaker now has a new app designed for the Apple iPhone that will help get you out of trouble should you have engine problems, get a flat tire or run out of gas. Infiniti has collaborated with Cross Country Automotive Services (Cross Country)...

  • 2010 Infiniti G37 Sedan
    Infiniti Roadside Assistance? There's An App For That

    If you have engine problems, get a flat tire or run out of gas, a new iPhone app from Infiniti can help you with that, as long as you own a new or certified pre-owned Infiniti vehicle. Infiniti, in cooperation with Cross Country Automotive Services, is announcing their free roadside assistance app...

  • AAA Roadside Assistance app on Android

    Drivers with Android-compatible smartphones can now download the American Automobile Association's free roadside assistance application allowing you to report a breakdown without even needing to make a phone call. Stranded motorists can now use their Android smartphone's GPS signal to transmit a call for help to the AAA's call center who can then dispatch a truck to your vehicle. Not only that, but if you suspect a battery problem you can use the handy Battery Quote Calculator on the app to let you know how much a new unit will set you back - just enter your year, make and model and the app...

  • Mini Roadside Assistance app
    Mini Launches Roadside Assistance App For iPhone, Blackberry

    The app is the first of its kind from a car manufacturer.

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