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  • 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser Big Sky concept

    On the back of falling sales and a model run that has lasted a decade, Chrysler finally ended production of its retro-styled PT Cruiser on Friday at its Toluca plant in Mexico. Released for the 2000 model year with retro looks and an affordable price, the PT Cruiser immediately became an icon for many, allowing dealers to inflate their prices to suit the demand. Fast forward to today and the car remains almost untouched, barring subtle styling changes made in 2006. Sales peaked in 2001, with numbers reaching 144,717 units. Last year Chrysler sold just 17,941 units, which together with this...

  • Fiat 500 BEV Concept on Chrysler standard, 2010 Detroit Auto Show
    Report: Chrysler Looking For New Plant To Build Fiats

    Chrysler is currently on the lookout for a new site in North America to start building Fiat-based models, with the first cars tipped to be rolling off the factory floor as early as this year. The information comes from Chrysler's senior vice president for manufacturing, Scott Garberding, who...

  • 2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Chrysler Sues Daimler Over Supply Contract

    The latest lawsuit has been filed in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York.

  • 2009 Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Chrysler officially extends PT Cruiser's lifespan by another year

    On the back of falling sales and a model run that has lasted more than nine years, Chrysler decided back in January to end production of the PT Cruiser by the middle of this year. In June, we brought you word that the retro-styled wagon would live on for at least another year, and now Chrysler has...

  • Next-gen Chrysler PT Cruiser sketched
    Next-gen Chrysler PT Cruiser sketched

    The PT Cruiser has enjoyed a long and surprisingly successful run since its debut in 2000, but rumors of its demise have been spreading for some time. Nevertheless, a graphic designer has taken the time to envision what the PT Cruiser might look like if it were to live on for another generation...

  • Update: Chrysler expands $2.99 gallon fuel offer further
    Update: Chrysler expands $2.99 gallon fuel offer further

    Update: Chrysler today extended its $2.99 a gallon fuel promotion through the end of July following the release of sales figures for the month of June showing a steep 36% drop for combined sales of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep over the past year. Previous reasons to extend the deal through June...

  • Extensive changes to Chrysler, Dodge lineup

    Turbulent times at Chrysler since the split with Daimler several months ago are causing the new ownership to rethink its Chrysler brand while continuing the Dodge product blitz. Chrysler models that face elimination or rejuvenation include the Pacifica, the PT Cruiser, the 300 and the Crossfire. Dodge, on the other hand, is set to debut the Challenger SRT in 2008, and the new Viper is back with aggressive styling and improved performance. Not all is certain at Dodge, however, despite the rosy outlook. The Caliber SRT4 is due for a refresh, as is the disappointing Avenger, both scheduled for...

  • Chrysler may retire PT Cruiser after ‘09
    Chrysler may retire PT Cruiser after ‘09

    Chrysler has confirmed that it’ll build the long-running PT Cruiser through until the end of 2009 but has made no promise that a next-gen model will be built or whether the current model will be produced beyond that date. Since its introduction back in 2000, the PT Cruiser has been a sales...

  • Chrysler must revive glory days of the '90s to survive
    Chrysler must revive glory days of the '90s to survive

    It’s hard to imagine that less than ten years ago Chrysler commanded a 16.1% share of the US market and was turning over billion dollar profits. In 1999 it reported a profit of $5 billion, which also happened to be the first year of its alliance with Daimler. Compare that with the $1.98...

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