The PT Cruiser has enjoyed a long and surprisingly successful run since its debut in 2000, but rumors of its demise have been spreading for some time. Nevertheless, a graphic designer has taken the time to envision what the PT Cruiser might look like if it were to live on for another generation.

Much more sleekly designed, streamlined and futuristic, the PT Cruiser imagined by Mark Stehrenberger, the graphic designer and speculative renderer for Germany's Auto Motor & Sport, bears only passing resemblance to its somewhat ungainly forebear. In fact, it bears rather more resemblance to Mitsubishi's line of late thanks to the 'fighter jet' style grille/intake area.

That's not stopping them from speculating about the car's underpinnings or powerplants, however, postulating that the Caliber platform from Dodge is the most likely candidate for such a vehicle. That neglects to notice that the Caliber is effectively a somewhat modernized PT Cruiser, and steps even further away from the recognition that the PT Cruiser was probably successful in part because of its decidedly retro look.

Errant details aside, the next-gen PT Cruiser envisioned by the Germans includes a 2.4L four-cylinder powerplant good for about 150hp (111kW) in naturally-aspirated form and 180hp (134kW) when turbocharged. Presumably the 280hp (213kW) turbo-four found in the Caliber SRT4 could also be on the table for a hotted-up SS variant as well, while we're speculating.

Given the current state of the market and the expense involved even in re-engineering an existing platform, Chrysler's existing plan to rid itself of duplicate or overlapping models and the rumors that have already been circulating, it seems more likely that Chrysler will just let the PT Cruiser cruise peacefully into retirement.