Progressive Automotive X Prize

  • Automotive X PRIZE Aptera 2e

    Super-streamlined, often three-wheeled and impeccably green, the cars battling it out at Michigan International Speedway for the Automotive X PRIZE win are chock full of technology and good intentions. What they're apparently not so far along on, however, is stability control and ABS. Accident avoidance testing shows that several vehicles aren't quite yet ready for prime time--including the Aptera 2e. A number of cars are shown accelerating off at speed and braking hard, including what looks to be a modified Th!nk and a Tango, but the drama in the video below comes primarily from the Aptera...

  • Aptera 2e
    Automotive X PRIZE Track Testing Begins This Week

    The 28 remaining teams will put 36 vehicles on track to test their merits.

  • Tesla Model S Sedan
    Final 43 Automotive X Prize Contenders Announced

    The $10 million prize for the most viable, super-efficient vehicle will be awarded to one of the 43 remaining contestants.

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