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Parking Assistant

  • Parking lot

    Along with standing around at a gas station watching your last paycheck click away before your eyes, parking has to be one of motoring's less pleasurable pursuits. Just like filling your car though it's a necessary evil, so in the absence of doing away with it completely, anything that makes it easier is certainly worth a look. A new app by San Francisco-based startup Streetline could do just that. Streetline's system is a form of "smart parking". Using technology that can be fitted to parking spaces, sensors can tell when a car is occupying the space, allowing the system to track empty and...

  • 2012 Ford Focus
    Ford Counting On In-Car Technology For New 2012 Focus

    Ford is aiming to prove that you don't need a big car to enjoy big car technology when it launches the 2012 Ford Focus in March. We've already taken a look at Ford's 'Torque Hole Filling' auto transmission which should make the six-speed auto quicker, more efficient and more refined than ever...

  • Parking lot
    Lost Your Car Again? Santa Monica Garage Tech Can Find It

    Even if you're not of a 'certain age', the size of some multi-level parking lots with their dozens of indistinguishable levels and rows of cookie-cut SUVs can prove testing on the old 'gray matter' when it comes to finding the car you left there a few hours previous. Reassuringly you aren't alone...

  • 2011 BMW 535i (Euro spec)
    Video: New Parking Assistant Debuts On 2011 BMW 5-Series

    BMW is the latest automaker to launch a new self parking system, joining the likes of Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen and Lexus who offer similar systems. BMW calls its technology Parking Assistant and it debuts on the new 2011 BMW 5-Series that’s due to hit showrooms this June. Using an array of...

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