• Mitsuoka Mazda Miata-based Chevy Corvette

    Mitsuoka is known for some rather, let's say interesting cars. Typically they are body kits for existing Japanese cars. To celebrate the company's 50th anniversary, it has created its best-looking car yet: the Rock Star. Autoblog unearthed the Rock Star on Wednesday. The formula is fairly simple. Mitsuoka completely customizes a current ND-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata to turn it into a miniature C2-generation Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray. The company doesn't explicitly say it looked to the American sports car for a design direction, but the similarities are uncanny. The overall shape is truly...

  • Mitsuoka Orochi Final Edition
    Mitsuoka Orochi Production Coming To An End

    Some cars are known for being fast. Others, for being economical. Others still for being beautiful. The Orochi, made by specialist Japanese automaker Mitsuoka, is mostly known for being spectacularly, petrifyingly, gut-wrenchingly ugly. We won't have to hide behind the sofa for much longer though...

  • Mitsuoka La Seyde
    Guilty Pleasure: Mitsuoka La Seyde

    Owning a blinged-out Excalibur, Zimmer Golden Spirit, Stutz Blackhawk, or other Fat-Elvis-In-Vegas-style coachbuilt flashmobile is, by default, something of a guilty pleasure. However, there's a certain ironic appeal to these cars that some car lovers will appreciate. Not your neighbors, mind you...

  • Mitsuoka ViewT
    Mitsuoka Reveals Retro-Styled Viewt

    Mitsuoka, the same company behind the Orochi supercar, has revealed a new version of its ViewT mini-sedan.

  • Mitsuoka Himiko
    Mitsuoka's Himiko Mimics The Morgan Roadster

    Mitsuoka, arguably the most interesting car company in Japan, has released another Japanese homage to a classic British automobile, this time their unique take on what appears to be a Morgan Roadster. Sitting on the body of a Mazda MX-5, the Mitsuoka Himiko even manages to squeeze a folding hardtop...

  • Mitsuoka Galue S50 Limousine
    Mitsuoka Galue Limousine S50 Based On The Infiniti M35

    Japanese coachbuilder Mitsuoka has released another head-turning creation with its new Galue Limousine S50--a bold luxury saloon based on the Infiniti M35. The range-topping Galue S50 limousine will cost around $100,000, but for the price you are guaranteed to be driving one of the most unique...

  • Mitsuoka planning to export LHD Orochi supercar

    Japanese car designer Mitsuoka is building a left-hand-drive version of the car that brought its brand to fame: the NSX-based Orochi supercar. The introduction of LHD for the Orochi means the car will be available for sale outside of Japan for the first time and officials already have a number of export markets shortlisted. Currently there are around 70 examples of the Orochi being driven in Japan, but until now these have all been RHD models. Autoweek reports that in December of 2007, Mitsuoka was approached by an auto-aficionado from Qatar who wanted a LHD Orochi and of course price was no...

  • Mitsuoka Orochi Kabuto Concept debuts in Tokyo
    Mitsuoka Orochi Kabuto Concept Debuts In Tokyo

    The Mitsuoka Orochi is a Japanese supercar that first appeared in concept form back in 2001 but managed to enter production that very same year.The original concept was built off a donor Honda NSX chassis and was powered by a similar V6 engine. Since then, Mitsuoka has released two revised models...

  • Meet Japan’s 180kg Mitsuoka Micro-Car
    Meet Japan’s 180-KG Mitsuoka Micro Car

    There’s no end to the wacky cars that are sold over in Japan. Car maker Mitsuoka, which created the strange looking Orochi supercar, has another model that’s aimed at motorists in tight inner-city areas where parking can be a major hassle. The small Mitsuoka Micro will be sold in kit...

  • Meet the Mitsuoka Orochi supercar
    Meet The Mitsuoka Orochi Supercar

    There’s no end to the strange customized cars that are coming out of the land of the rising sun. First shown at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, the Mitsuoka Orochi, which is named after a mythical Japanese monster, has been updated for the 2007 model year. Now that the Honda NSX is long dead, the...

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