Japanese car designer Mitsuoka is building a left-hand-drive version of the car that brought its brand to fame: the NSX-based Orochi supercar. The introduction of LHD for the Orochi means the car will be available for sale outside of Japan for the first time and officials already have a number of export markets shortlisted.

Currently there are around 70 examples of the Orochi being driven in Japan, but until now these have all been RHD models. Autoweek reports that in December of 2007, Mitsuoka was approached by an auto-aficionado from Qatar who wanted a LHD Orochi and of course price was no option. That car is finally nearing completion and is just the first of a number of LHD Orochi’s destined for production. Other markets the Orochi will be sold include the UAE, Thailand and Jordan.

The most recent Orochi features a 3.3L Toyota 3MZ-FE V6 engine with 230hp on tap, and is being produced in a limited run of just 400 cars. Orochi also revealed a new special edition ‘Kabuto’ version of the car at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show but there’s no word on whether this car will enter production.