Owning a blinged-out Excalibur, Zimmer Golden Spirit, Stutz Blackhawk, or other Fat-Elvis-In-Vegas-style coachbuilt flashmobile is, by default, something of a guilty pleasure.

However, there's a certain ironic appeal to these cars that some car lovers will appreciate.

Not your neighbors, mind you, but those cars just aren't wild and/or obscure enough for the purposes of this series.

But what if you could find a member of the BlingWagon family built in Japan, on a Nissan 240SX chassis, and what if that car made even the Blackhawk look subdued? Yes, we're talking about the Mitsuoka Motors La Seyde!

Just look at it! Sure, it might be a challenge to get one into North America and then register it for street use, though you might be able to do a FrankenNissan hack job using a La Seyde and an American-registered 240SX.

Naturally, my La Seyde will need SR20DET power!

Mitsuoka La Seyde

Mitsuoka La Seyde